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Building the Emissary Wheel

The Emissary Wheel

It is also called the Wheel of Wisdom and Love, The Wheel of Peace, The Complete Balance, The Geometric Presentation of your Inner Self.

The Emissary Wheel is an ancient symbol adapted by the Emissaries of Light through their lineage in the Community of the Beloved Disciple founded by the Apostle John. There is no way to know how long the sacred symbol has been used since it likely predates the Emissaries themselves. The Wheel represents creation and life, as well as the transformational journey. The spokes, which intersect at varied points, are furthest apart at the outer portion of the Wheel, and move closer as they approach the center. This symbolizes the separating system of thought employed by the ego, which falls away as we interact more profoundly, moving closer to our own center. Meditating on the completed wheel can bring about profound shifts in consciousness.

The Outer Circle in the Emissary Wheel represents creation. Everything inside the circle is a symbol of the created universe, while the vast space outside the wheel represents the infinite potential of the creative impulse.

The Center Triangle represents the transformative power of what the Emissaries called the "Ultimate Spiritual Process" of Surrender, Trust and Gratitude.

The twelve points that touch the outer circle of the wheel represents a quality of energy associated with a Spiritual Peacemaker. They begin at the twelve o'clock point and move clockwise around the wheel. Here are the twelve qualities:

Courage - Patience - Wisdom - Certainty - Compassion - Joy - Clarity - Understanding - Depth - Generosity - Abundance - Agape


The Joyous Spirit Emissary Wheel arrived home at Rovaniemi on the 30th of December 2009. Jane Shaw Stein, our Beloved Maria Magdalena Sister, had dedicated her time, energy and love for over one year to make this beautiful Quilt, especially designed for Margie. The Joyous Spirit Emissary Wheel now radiates its Joy, Light and Peace in the north in Margie's home Sanctuary, and also during the different Ceremonies that Margie performs.

I AM The Illumined Mind
I AM The Awakened Heart
I AM he Realized Soul



Created with Blessings of Love, Gratitude and Peace
For Reverend Maila Maire Marketta Myllari
Beloved Margie

Manifested in Prayers and Blessings by
Jane Shaw Stein
Sunrise Meditation Art

Sivut perustettu 9.9.1999