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I have studied the Feminine Divinity in the SanctaDivina Community in 2007-2008. Nitya/Sophia, my Beloved Coach in the Seminary of The Beloved Community’s Spiritual Peacemaking is the co-foundress of SanctaDivina. Sophia is one of my great Spiritual Guides and my Beloved Maria Magdalena Sister.

SanctaDivina’s Mission Statement: Providing Divine Sanctuary

To give you back to Life
So that your Joy
May be Complete


When I attended the Easter Retreat at SanctaDivina’s Willow Springs Sanctuary in Wisconsin in 2008 I committed myself to these three Core Values of SanctaDivina: Living and working in



To see with eyes of Reverence
To be mindful of the Divine Nature of all Beings, and all Creation
To see all life with great Reverence
To live life with a Purity of Intent
To hold life in the Pure Essence of the Most High


The quest for freedom from unconscious influences, self-knowledge, compassionate awareness, and understanding of all relationships
To live an Authentic Life of Principle
To be obedient to God’s Divine Will
To live life with Individual Dignity


To live the simplest form of living appropriate to our circumstances
To utilize resources properly
To share resources for the Highest Divine Purpose

Lapin Kansa, May 1, 2008
Reverence, Authenticity, Simplicity

Easter Retreat 2008 at Willow Springs Sanctuary, SanctaDivina, Wisconsin:
Eva, Paula Marie, Margie, Lisa Marie, SophiaLisa Marie, Paula Marie, Margie, Marguerite, Sophia
Eva, Margie, Sophia, Marguerite, Paula MariePaula Marie, Margie, Eva

Maria Magdalena Sister Lisa Marie
who edits Margie's English texts


(adapted from John O’Donohue, Irish Poet)

May the light of my soul guide me, and bless the work I do with the secret
love and warmth of my heart.
May I see in what I do the beauty of my soul.
May the sacredness of my work bring healing, light, and renewal to all
those who seek and receive my work.
May my work never weary me and may it release within me well-springs of
refreshment, inspiration, and excitement.
May I be fully present in what I do and never become lost in bland
May the day never burden me.
May dawn find me gracious and fulfilled.
May I go into the night blessed, sheltered, and protected.
May my soul calm, console, and renew me.

Vernal Equinox 2008
Willow Springs Sanctuary



Lord, I AM an instrument of Thy Peace,

Where there is Hatred, I AM Love;
Where there is Injury, I AM Healing;
Where there is Doubt, I AM Faithful, and
Where there is Darkness, I AM Light;

Creator, through Unconditional Love,
I  AM choose to be Compassionate,
I AM choose to be Understanding,
I AM choose Love.

I AM choose to See You in all Others and Myself,
I AM choose to give, Trusting in my Replenishment,
I AM choose to Allow, Knowing that all is in Divine Order,
And I AM choose to Surrender,
Knowing that this truly is the path of Freedom.



Alone, in the presence of others, I walk through the waking dream of life.
Others see me.
At the first sight of recognition, they turn away; for they have forgotten.
Together, through the waking dream of Life, we journey.
May the clarity of my vision guide your life in grace, for I am a part of you.
May my action remind you of your God within, my action is your action.
May my breath become the breath that fills your body with life.
May my soul become the food with which to nourish and quicken you.
May the words from my mouth find a place of truth within your heart.
Let my tears become the water to your lips.
Allow my love to heal your body of the pain of life.
In your most healed state, may you remember your most precious gift; your Divine nature.
Through our time together, may you know yourself.
In that knowing, may you find your true home, your God within.

            The Penitent Magdalen
            by Georges de la Tour

Road to Calvary by Simone Martini
Georges de la Tour painted six different versions of the Penitent Magdalen. In each version, the woman is wearing a white blouse and a red skirt, the red and a white of the Sister-Bride, symbolic of passion and purity combined.

She is seated in a chair gazing at various items – a skull, a candle, a mirror, or a large pearl. The woman is invariably pregnant.

The pearl is often associated with Mary Magdalen. The “pearl of great price”, like the Grail itself, is something of utmost value that needs to be sought.

Mary represents Eros, the passionate bridal aspect of the feminine, which was denied by the established church.

In the mirror one flame reflects the other one – the twin flames.

The paintings and the texts are from Margaret Starbird's book "The Lady with the Alabaster Jar, Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail"
In the painting Mary Magdalen and Jesus are both wearing rose-colored gowns, making a matching pair. In the painting the X of the cross that Jesus carries frames the torso and distraught, scarred face of Mary Magdalen, who is disproportionately large – as if she, not Jesus, were the central figure in the scene.

The theme of the abused feminine, it seems, is not just casually represented. There is little chance that the X in this picture is an accidental use of the esoteric symbol of the heretics.
Sivut perustettu 9.9.1999