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Margie's publishing house, est. Sept. 1, 2015

During the months of March-April this year I translated into Finnish the book “Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes” (2010) by Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett. When starting to search for a publisher I got an advice from the Light Forces to publish the book myself. So I established my own publishing house “Santa Claus SanctaDivina”.

This new ANNA book is a Sequel to “Anna, Grandmother of Jesus” (2002) by Claire Heartsong. It gives detailed information and reveals long-hidden secrets concerning Jesus’ intimate life, relationships and children.

The Finnish translation ‘Anna, Magdalenejen Aani’ for ‘Anna,The Voice of the Magdalenes’ came from the printing house here in Rovaniemi on November 25th, just in time for the Christmas markets.

Anna, Magdalenejen Aani

Margie’s new ANNA book

In March 2016 I again got an inspiration to translate Claire Heartsong’s book. Now it was Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, in Finnish ’Anna, Jeesuksen Isoaiti’. I translated Claire Heartsong’s ANNA books in a reverse order what they had been published in the States. (Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, 2002 and Anna, and The Voice of the Magdalenes in 2010).

In the ANNA books I have got to know a new person, Anna, the Grandmother of Jesus, that I had not known before. She is THE LADY BEHIND EVERTYTHING. She gave birth and raised a big family (14 children) that became to support the Divine Mission of Jesus on Earth.

I know in my heart that this is the time when my own visions are coming true. I feel that I am one of the Magdalenes, and the reason why I am here is to work for the Divine Mother as Her instrument. I feel that I am greatly blessed when having this honor to work with Anna, our Beloved Grandmother.

Anna, Jeesuksen Isoaiti

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