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In this painting, located in almost the exact center of the picture is a red X in the bodice of the gown of the Madonna.

The red X, the secret esoteric symbol of the heretical church, was the antiestablishment symbol for truth. It signaled the fundamental flaw in orthodox Christian doctrine: the denial of the wife of Jesus.

The letter X conveyed to the heretics the meaning of “true enlightenment”. This symbol was used consciously to signal knowledge of the Hermetic or esoteric tradition.

The Christ Child is holding three small, golden spears. These may be thought to represent the nails he was to suffer on the cross, but more probably they are the esoteric symbol for the triple shafts of enlightenment, a popular motif of medieval alchemists and Rosicrucians.

the painting and the text from Margaret Starbird's book "The Lady with the Alabaster Jar, Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail"


Madonna of the Book by Botticelli

Sivut perustettu 9.9.1999