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Articles about Margie

Soulmirror 3/2018

Lady Peace Minister Offers Both Marriage Ceremonies and Ceremonies for Transition
Lappilainen August 27, 2014

Responsibility for the Preservation of Nature
Uusi Rovaniemi August 16, 2014

The soul landscape of a Lady Peace Minister
Soul’s Mirror 1/2009

Lady Peace Minister radiates Feminine Energy
Lapin Kansa Dec. 17, 2007

Santa Claus together with SanctaDivina, a female Peace Minister
Uusi Rovaniemi Oct. 20, 2007

Margie’s choice: A courageous Journey to the Divine Feminine
The magazine I AM , Nov. 2006



Lady Peace Minister Offers Both Marriage Ceremonies and Ceremonies for Transition

Riitta Kemppainen-Koivisto

Marketta Myllari, who has studied almost forty years of theosophy, the world’s great religions, along with alternative philosophies, prays Peace daily at her home altar. Her dream is to build a Peace Chapel in the Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, along with the vision that these Peace Chapels will spread around the World. This Peace Chapel would be a Divine Sanctuary for All people of All paths, a sacred space where All are welcomed with open arms. The Peace Chaplel would include the World’s Peace Prayers, and also be able to offer marriage ceremonies. This would be a life and strength-giving place with lots of windows, light and nature present.

”Married couples are not supposed to separate soon after their marriage ceremony. That is why there are always lit candles, and many prayers and rituals to help the souls unite. There are also holy oils, candle and ring ceremonies” Myllari shares about the wedding ceremony.

Myllari has also facilitated courses and seminars, given speeches and has written several books on spiritual well being. Her life is devoted to peace promoting work.

”Suomi can be a model country for tolerance and peace”, Myllari shares. She prays for all people, also for politicians so that they are able to make wise decisions.

Rovaniemi is a place of strength

Myllari, who is a native of Rovaniemi, knows that Rovaniemi is very spiritual place. The rocks of Ounasvaara, the mother arctic hill near the center, is full of strength.  Each tree, even a tiny old pine, has its important task. The big rivers of Kemijoki and Ounasjoki unite at the center of the city. This merging adds to its importance and strength, energizing the entire region.

Myllari has lived in southern Finland for many years, and returned seven years ago to her hometown of Rovaniemi. ”A person feels separate if they do not know their roots” says Myllari.

Myllari, who was ordained a Peace Minister in 2006 in Assisi, Italy, dresses in white with a blue stole, as do the other Peace Ministers of the Beloved Community around the world. For Myllari, the guiding principle is the Christ power within everyone. ”God is both feminine Mother and masculine Father. All people are of Divine origin, having equal rights, and ministers can be both men and women.”

”No one needs to succumb to intolerance. Peace is found in everyone's heart; you just need to search for that”. Myllari confirms this core of Peace ministry.

Myllari's column can be found in the September edition.

Responsibility for the Preservation of Nature

Marketta Myllari wants to speak for Ounasvaara

Leena Talvensaari:

You have just published a new book I am a native of Rovaniemi. How did you find the title?

Seven years ago I returned from Tampere to my hometown of Rovaniemi. During the annual  Rovaniemi week, the theme then was ”Who are you?” This question awakened me deeply, and stayed with me. During these past seven years in Rovaniemi, my roots continue to strengthen: I am a native of Rovaniemi, and proud of it. I feel that my grandfathers and grandmothers live in me.

What does the book contain?

This book is multi-dimensional. It talks about the recent history of Rovaniemi, yet also contains some strong opinions and statements.

My own nature is that of a columnist, and I want to influence and inspire through writing. Fiction does not interest me. I choose to stick to the facts. Besides, reality is often more miraculous than fiction.  In my own life I have witnessed and experienced all kinds of wild things.

The book contains approximately one hundred photos. Amongst them are included old family photos, and also my own photos from our family that are not that old – some of them I have taken quite recently. There is not necessarily any connection between the articles and the photos. It has been fascinating to put the texts and photos together; a kind of amusing collage or piece of art.

What matters do you want to influence in Rovaniemi?

Ounasvaara, our mother mountain, is a source of strength for me, and my dear wish is to influence that it will not be destroyed through development. Future generations also have the right to enjoy the beautifufl nature in and around Rovaniemi.

I feel that it is even my responsibility to speak and write for Ounasvaara, being one of the decendents of the oldest families in Rovaniemi. Because of this, I feel I have a responsibility for this region, and I also have the right and courage to state my opinion.

You use the title Peace Priestess. What does it mean?

I have completed The Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking within the Beloved Community, and have been awarded the Degree of Master of Divinity. I was Ordained a Minister of Peace in 2005 in Assisi, Italy. This certifies that I am a Peace Minister. By using the title Peace Priestess, I want to shake the patriarchal world view that is still obvious in many religions. God is not only masculine Father but also feminine Mother.

Your dream is to establish a Peace Chapel in the Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle. Why is such a chapel necessary on the Arctic Circle?

Santa Claus, as the Emissary of Good Will, would greatly benefit by having beside him a feminine Emissary of Peace. It would bring a spirituality to these surroundings that are now quite commercial. Visitors coming from a variety of worldwide cultures and religions could rest for a while in the chapel, and together be silent or pray. It would be a uniting and strength giving experience among the commercial aspects.

For these past seven years in Rovaniemi, I have held the vision for a Peace Chapel in the Santa Claus Village, and I have not given it up. I trust that everything has its time.  The Peace Chapel will realize when its time is ripe.

Marketta Myllari
Born during war time in the farmhouse of Myllari in Katajaranta, Rovaniemi
Master of Science, Master of Divinity
Ordained Peace Minister of The Beloved Community
Has published many books; latest two new column books




Text: Maija Salmi 
Photos: Marketta Myllari 
The Finnish landscape of the soul is a piece of lake, a nightless summer night, a mountain. Somebody's soul rests in Lapland's foaming rapids or on the slopes of the rocky peak of Koli (in eastern Finland). Someone is at home amidst blooming fields of grain. Rugged, national romantic scenery, with its big pines, is the best soul healing for most people. 
A human being searches her/his innermost soul scenery in the flow of life. The sparkling melody of the summer, or the melancholy of a winter’s dusk, is difficult to find anywhere as it is in Finland. 
But does the soul feel comfortable in concrete surroundings where the sky reflects a very tiny strip of earth and the only green is in some flowerpot? Does the soul feel comfortable in such a home? Do you find peace only within - and the place is not of much importance? 
Marketta Myllari who lives in Rovaniemi loves the variations of land heights, water and sky. They are power places for her to live and receive strength 
Nevertheless she believes that everyone can build a scenery in her/his own home and make it a place that invites you to return there time after time. If the countryside is far away, from an apartment house you can get out to see the sky and to hug the trees within a park. 
- It is true that this requires some effort. When we think of for instance Nelson Mandela; during his prison years he had to use his imagination to preserve his own inner landscape, Marketta ponders. 
Marketta Myllari has been able to preserve her soul scenery even in the busy fuss of the city. She did not let the concrete surroundings restrict her life; no matter the noise of the busy street and the little back yard; in a little one-room flat in Tampere she spent the most creative time of her life when she created materials for her Suggestopedian courses. 


One year ago, Marketta returned (after a long period of  time) to her home town of Rovaniemi.  She now lives just a half of a kilometer from the city’s center. From her window she sees almost the same landscape as when she was a child: Pöyliövaara, the arctic hill, near which the farm house of her mother's family by the river Kemijoki had been. When she goes out the landscape gets bigger. The two big rivers Kemijoki and Ounasjoki merge together, and the surrounding arctic hills of Ounasvaara, Pöyliövaara (among others) rise as a panorama. 
“When I look at the landscape, I sense its healing strength. It is for me a real soul landscape, Marketta says humbly. “
Marketta tells that she was born in the confluence of two big rivers. The rivers make a huge Y -letter in the heart of the city. Y refers to the word Yes, in which form a human being with the hands up says Yes to the reality of the Spirit. Yes refers to the Aramean name Yeshua for Jesus. In her Seminary of Peace Ministry, Marketta has learned that the word Yes is one of the most powerful word in the Universe.  


Rovaniemi is surrounded by rocky, arctic hills. They are important places of power for Marketta. Also important is her home altar.  Here she sees rocky hills, trees, water, sky and fire. The fire is in the flame of an alter candle. 
y“I couldn't imagine living somewhere else any more, not for long period of time anyways.” 
“Trees and forests show the power of nature. Magnificent sunsets and the colors of the sky speak. I have so long absent from here that the landscape has become more and more important for me. “
Marketta tells that she has spent a long time away from her home town. She sold her house in Rovaniemi without any real reason. She just had to give up her dearest place in the world and journey out in the world to experience new things, returning home with new energy and enthusiasm. Now she dreams of buying back her old house. 
There is a native Rovaniemi farm lady and a universal lady peace minister within me; both live together in my soul at the same time. 


The forest has traditionally played a significant role in the Finnish life. It has provided livelihood, food and refreshment. Three quarters of Finland is covered with forests. For each Finn, there are about four hectares forest. No wonder that Finns are concerned forest people - good and bad. 
Marketta  regards herself as a lover of the forest. When a big branch of a spruce dances behind the window of the living room, she looks at its movement and it’s swinging in the wind. The dancing of the branch is fabulous! She loves looking at trees; they give her peace and energy. 
“The different seasons here in the north are just fantastic. I like walking by the river Kemijoki; all the time the Mother Mountain is present and blesses the riverside of my ancestors. I miss nothing. “


hAs fond of Lapland as Marketta is, she has also found her soul scenery in other places. In Tampere she lived in apartment houses and in a little house with magnificent trees in the neighborhood. Water was also present with many big lakes like Lake Nasijarvi and Lake Pyhajarvi (to name the a few of the larger ones). 
“These sunsets on Lake Pyhajarvi were incredible. I always wondered why people sat in the buses with their eyes closed. Well, they might have been too tired after work and had forgotten that seeing such beauty gives amazing strength and replenishment. “
Marketta fell in love with the landscape of Tampere. She went water skiing on Lake Pyhajarvi and found there the same atmosphere as in Lapland. The water element, and the differences of the land heights, helped her to recover from the home sickness of Lapland. 
“And the Lake of Tohloppi and all the ridges around Tampere! I just loved those ridges and water, water, water! For instance in Helsinki, I never found the same kind of peace, no matter that there is the sea scenery. My landscape needs differences of height.” 


“You do not need to lose your soul scenery when traveling about the world.” Marketta found it also in a little village of Theologos on the island of Thassos in Greece. There Henryk Skolimowsky, the ecophilosopher, has a retreat place where he runs seminars. Theologos became familiar to Marketta when she attended these seminars. Once she stood on a high hill from where she saw the village beneath. The view left an everlasting impression with her. 
“The village was like the palm of the hand. Everything; houses, people, animals, were in the little palm of my hand. 
It was a wonderful feeling. It was imprinted deeply within me, and was reflected for me in the same way as being in Lapland. “
In the early 1990's Marketta spent one year traveling on the world. In India she experienced this familiar feeling in the streets of New Delhi. And yet everything was different. 
The streets were surging with people. You might think that this could oppress you, but all the people, cars, animals, were surging as on the waves of a sea. I experienced it as people landscape where there was chaotic traffic and terrible noise, but nevertheless everything went forward smoothly. It was reflected and imprinted within me as another type of landscape. 
“Your home, and especially your return home, are important for people.” Marketta believes that it is in our genes: even if we are out in the world for decades, we miss home. 
We Finns are a unique people, still quite separate, and have not lost what we genuinely are. We have preserved our origin. And that is why our own landscapes are so important for us. No matter where we go and what we superficially do. 
For people living in Lapland, the landscapes and magnificent nature are imprinted within them. The 'craziness of Lapland' easily strikes those living in the southern country! For instance when you come here from the rainy south the contrast is huge. That is the first impression for any traveler. 


The roots of Maila Maire Marketta Myllari are in the old agricultural culture of northern Finland and her home is located on a bank of the river Kemijoki, the capital of Finnish Lapland. 
Both her father's and her mother's families cultivated the fields by Kemijoki for centuries. From them she inherited her respect for Life and Mother Earth. 
Her most important values are based on Jesus' ethics as taught in the Sermon on the Mount. She has consciously striven to learn and adopt these teachings: 
“Be peaceful, be pure in your thoughts, be honest, respond with good and love all people.” 
Marketta married Jussi Kivela who was a school teacher and 33 years her senior. They met at Ruusu-Risti, the Finnish Independent Rosicrucian Society. While attending Jussi's study group she got in touch with the beauty and wisdom within the Finnish great Epic, Kalevala. That time has provided the firm foundation upon which her life has since been based. 


In 1988 during the spiritual forest seminary in Lieksa in eastern Finland Marketta met Henryk Skolimowsky (the great Eco-philosopher) and learned about his Eco-Philosophy. Afterwards, a gradual shift from the old methods of working to new ones occurred. 
Two years later she took one year off from the school and traveled around the world as a backpacker. Marketta learned new things: she found among other things the Suggestopedian method of learning and teaching. Marketta has described it a revolution in her brain. She also found James Redfield's books. 
The pieces came together: The Suggestopedian method, Redfield's book and her own life became basic resources to run own courses, to help other people in their spiritual growth. 


Marketta has earned a Master's Degree of Divinity and received her Ordination  as a Minister of Peace in the Beloved Community in September 2006, in Assisi, Italy. 
The most well known of the Beloved Community Peace Ministers is James Twyman (the writer and Peace Toubadour) who has performed many Peace Concerts around the world, including Israel, Iraq, Northern Ireland and Kosovo (among many other countries). 
Marketta has studied at the School of Economics and Business Admirations in Helsinki and has earned her Master's Degree. 
She has worked among as a secretary in big companies, as a teacher at commercial colleges, as an English teacher, as a facilitator for courses, as a columnist, writer and more recently as a Peace Minister. 
Marketta is an Ordained Beloved Community Minister of Peace, devoted to Our Divine Mother. 




Nothing and nobody can hinder the feminine gift of revelation, and women no longer accept being ignored, declares the Lady Peace Minister, Marketta Myllari

According to Marketta there is now occurring a balancing of the feminine and masculine energies in humankind and this does not mean that men are becoming subordinated to women. In every man and woman there resides masculine and feminine energy because God created human beings in Her/His image. The feminine energy has, however, been scarcely regarded for the past two thousand years.

Marketta Myllari was ordained a Peace Minister of The Beloved Community (USA) in September 2005 in Assisi, Italy. The Beloved Community is an international non denominational peace organization that does not try to convert people. The best known of its priests is the internationally renowned Peace Troubadour James Twyman who travels the world performing Peace Concerts in areas filled with violence and discord.

Marketta explains that the Beloved Community respects life and the differences in cultures, races and religions. Peace Ministers take three vows, the three commands that Jesus gave to his disciples: 1) love all beings unconditionally, 2) feed God's sheep, and 3) hold the Divine Mother in your heart until it is time to give Her back to the world.

Marketta was the first Finnish person to be ordained a Peace Minister. Now there are two Peace Ministers in Finland. Marketta is a Spiritual Peace Minister who knows that peace already prevails and needs only to be found and revealed. She believes that peace includes tolerance, compassion and understanding and that peace grows in each individual who becomes peaceful in thought and word.

Marketta thinks that she is Lutheran Christian. She was baptized and confirmed and attended Sunday school and church scouts. At the age of 30 she left the Lutheran Church and, since her husband was not a member of the Church, they were married by the District Registrar. Later on they had a wedding ceremony in the tradition of the Kalevala, the Finnish Epic.

Marketta holds all religions in her heart and never asks people what beliefs or teachings they follow. For her the Divine connection is so sacred that it would be an insult for her to question it because when people believe in God (no matter what they call God) and are honest with themselves, they, in their own special way, find their holiness. No one has the right to question another person's faith.

The Lady Peace Minister does not act as an intermediary between a person and God. She believes no intermediary is needed, that everyone who is open to it has a direct connection to God. The Lady Peace Minister's work is to help others as much as possible on their spiritual journeys and she especially likes to help tourists and travelers. She can arrange a ten-minute Peace Prayer service that includes saying the Peace Prayers of all the Great Religions and the Prayer of St. Francis. The service unites all people because in reality we are all united as members of one family.

Marketta also likes to perform wedding ceremonies in nature as well as indoors, any place in Lapland. It is in wedding ceremonies that feminine and masculine energies meet in such a wonderful, beautiful way. For instance, after a wedding at the District Registrar's office she can perform the wedding ceremony of the Beloved Community. She has established her own company, "Santa Claus Sancta Divina", to perform these ceremonies, too. There is a big demand among foreign travelers for this kind of ministry.


Marketta Myllari's vision is to make Rovaniemi and Finland an example city and country for Peace and Tolerance. In this work she would make use of the internationally understood concept of Santa Claus and at the same time balance the masculine side of humanity. After all, Santa Claus is a man and we can't ignore that. And since the good will that is attached to Santa Claus is a masculine concept, it needs to be balanced with the feminine side that is compassion, tolerance, love, and peace.

Marketta would like to bring a new element to Finland's image by uniting the feminine energy with the idea of Santa Claus. The Lady Peace Minister and Santa Claus would work well together as an example of harmony and concord. Marketta says that she doesn't know if there is feminine energy in Santa Claus. Then she laughs and says that, of course, there is feminine energy in Santa Claus, too.

Marketta sees herself as a female Peace Minister that can unite people of different religions Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle. There has been much discussion about building a chapel there for tourists and since Marketta is a native of Rovaniemi who has traveled the world and speaks English as well as Finnish, she would work well there as a minister.

Although Marketta is retired she works on her vision with her full heart. "I wouldn't need to work so hard anymore but I see that this vision is very important", Marketta says. "If we don't realise this vision, someone else will because I know feminine energy has been rising for a couple of decades in the world."

"Margie", Marketta Myllari is 66 years, lives in Rovaniemi, Finland, and is a Peace Minister of the Beloved Community. She is a Retired, M. Science (Econ.) whose former positions included working at Sitra (The Finnish Innovation Fund), a Commercial and English language teacher, a Self knowledge workshop facilitator, columnist and author of many books.

Vision: Rovaniemi, Lapland, and the whole of Finland as an example city and country for peace and tolerance.



(published in the local newspaper "Uusi Rovaniemi", Rovaniemi, October 20, 2007)

Marketta Myllari has found a new mission through a Peace Community

Marketta Myllari, a native of Rovaniemi, Finland, has a huge vision: she sees herself working as a peace priestess beside Santa Claus in the Santa Claus Village. Marketta thinks that Santa Claus, as an emissary of good will, needs beside him a female peace emissary.

Marketta Myllari, formerly Kivela, has her roots in Rovaniemi and she returned last summer to her home town after many decades out in the world. Marketta earned her Master's Degree at the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration and she has worked for many years giving workshops in self-knowledge and as a teacher of the English language.

Now Marketta has a new mission. She has been awarded the Degree of Master of Divinity and been ordained Minister of Peace in the worldwide Beloved Community. Marketta is now a Peace Minister and she wants to do the priest's work among people who come from different cultures to visit Rovaniemi and the rest of Lapland.

"I feel that everything that I have studied and experienced so far has pointed directly to this task", she says.

The Beloved Community is an international peace organization and church that trains people for peace work. And their primary teaching is that peace is the goal of all great religions. That's why there are extracts from different peace prayers in the prayers of the Community.

The Community is also working to balance the patriarchal world view of different religions. The Community is of the opinion that god cannot a masculine father only, but also feminine mother. The importance of women is especially significant in peace making. "Men have been forced to war and to kill for thousands of years. Peace, compassion and living at peace and harmony have become feminine qualities. At this time in history, it's the feminine energy that can bring peace."

The Beloved Community has about 500 Peace Ministers around the world. Marketta Myllari is among them and is the first Finn. She does not aim to establish a church or convert people but to do peace work with prayers, blessings and ceremonies.

"Peace comes from the heart of a person and radiates towards other people. Therefore it has become important for me to meet other people, although until now I have prayed by myself."

Marketta Myllari has prayed the Sacred Office ceremonies and performed other rites on the rocky hills of Poylionvaara and Ounasvaara in Rovaniemi and on the mountains up in the north, such as Pyhatunturi, Luosto, Levi, Pallas and Saariselka. And she always wears the blue stole of a Peace Minister when she does so.

"As I pray I feel powerful energy and I think that my mission is to pass this energy on to other people." It is Marketta's dream to start working among tourists, for instance, at the Arctic Circle in the Santa Claus Village. She thinks that Santa Claus needs Sancta Divina, the Divine feminine, beside him.

"Santa Claus is well known around the world as an emissary of Good Will. Now, beside Santa Clause, the idea of Peace can be spread just as easily", Marketta says.

Marketta plans to present short versions of English Peace Prayers in the Santa Claus Village and to bless people and places.

"People coming from different cultures and religions would get a chance to be silent together for a while. It would be an uniting and energy giving experience amidst all the fuss and bustle of the village."

Marketta Myllari has presented Peace Prayers in the beauty and color of autumn in Lapland. "I have gained enormous energy from these moments and I want to share it with other people."


Margie's Choice:

A Courageous Journey to the Divine Feminine

Espoo, Helja Ora

punaviittaHealing means releasing negative, life-restricting thoughts, emotional patterns and controlling programs. The body is an excellent instrument because it does not lie. Our cells have every piece of information on all our experiences.

Six years ago Marketta Myllari - Margie - got breast cancer. She refused chemotherapy and radiation treatments and a year later she was totally healed. According to the current medical science it is a question of a miracle. According to Margie it is not about a sudden miracle but about one year of internal work that resulted in her releasing the reasons for the disease. She also cleansed and harmonized her body with curing waters, herbs, natural treatments, organic food, and a lot of outdoor activities. For Margie the process was an impulse into profound understanding and awakening of the divine feminine energy within herself.

Margie has originally studied at the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, where she earned a master's degree. She has worked as an authorized teacher in commercial colleges and other types of adult institutes; and she has also studied many spiritual traditions, travelled a lot, and taught self-knowledge using the suggestopedian teaching method. She is a courageous and determined woman who lives listening to her inner intuition. After I listened to her speaking and read her healing diary (Marketta Kivela: Woman that refused to let medical doctor cut off her breast) I do not wonder that she recovered.

As early as when taking the mammography of her breast in May 2000 she thought: "I am healthy." So she thought then and so she thinks now. She did not focus on cancer but health and curing herself. Margie recovered and has remained healthy.

Sickness Is Teacher

patsasMargie does not advise others that are in the same situation, but she happily tells her own story and the remedies that influenced her healing. Even at the first stage of the cancer she thanked her illness and realised that it has its own purpose in her life. Healing involved finding that purpose, facing the reasons for the illness, and a strict confidence in health. Fears got very little room in her thinking. Joy, gratitude and deep trust in healing forces walked with her during the whole process.

Margie's starting point was the thought that sickness always is a great teacher. She sought to know what this sickness intended to teach her and so started her expedition into herself and the happenings that had triggered the imbalance of the cells of her body.

Margie's healing story is interesting also for the reason that she has documented in her diary the finding of the sickness and the healing process. She has a copy of the first mammography in 2000 where the big malignant tumour was found and a copy of the mammography in 2001 with no tumour any more.

Courageous Decision

After finding the tumour a date and time were set for the operation; and because the tumour was so large the doctors planned to remove the whole breast. At first Margie agreed to the operation and went to the hospital to see the doctor. At the last moment, however, Margie cancelled the agreed breast operation, despite the objections of the surgeon. She was confident in her decision and the only cause of fear for her was how to communicate her decision to the hospital. She felt guilty only because the operation time was not used.

She wrote in her diary in November 2000: "Cancer is often a very aggressive state of war among the cells. When you attack it with knives, poisons and radiation, it often responds in the same way. When you go to a war, it can have different kinds of results. You can win, but very often it can become a loss and a heavy defeat.

Last spring I was in a situation where a malignant tumour was found in my right breast. I was given just one alternative: a radical mastectomy. Like a good girl I was about to go for the operation. Without questioning. Then a couple of days before the operation, without actually asking anyone for an opinion, I just felt like, wait a minute, what really are you going to do for yourself? For this Temple of the Holy Spirit? Do you declare a war? The answer was clear. I respond with love."

Margie was confident that getting healthy involved cooperating with doctors and alternative treatments. She gave herself the right to use those treatments that felt best for her: gentle natural cures. She believed in trust, hope and love for herself.

Healing Waters and Natural Cures.

Instead of the operation Margie chose more gentle treatments. She asked her body what it needed and listened to what her body wanted to tell her. During the process she intended to face the reasons for her sickness, examine her innermost self, and face her fears. "When I do not fear, I do not attract anything fearing, when I love, I attract love," she said.

Margie started her healing with curative waters. She used superionised waters, the Waters of Life: Breaker and Clear, (by Ayhan Doyuk, Perfect Science) that she bought in small bottles. There was a strict mixing ratio, along with instructions on how to use the waters. The waters soon started to affect her body for the better. Quite soon the tumour somehow encapsulated and then cleansing process of the body started to soften it. Little by little the cancerous cells left Margie's body and, in less than one year, the 7 cm tumour simply disappeared.

In addition to the waters, Margie used Essiac herbal tea (from Canadian Indians) and got different kinds of treatments. Natural therapist, her good friend, Liisa Kinnunen assisted her healing with several treatments incorporating organic rice fasts, eating organic vegan food, peat saunas, and intuitive massages. Margie's body released poisons and healing progressed.

The Best Doctor Is Your Own Body

Margie was also lucky to get many consultations with the Estonian doctor Luule Viilma. The tumour in the right breast describes, according to Viilma, the mother/child relationship. With Viilma's help Margie got to know the reasons for the sickness. Margie released the traumas of her childhood by forgiving. When she released her past she also helped the other women of her family to discharge the old emotional models. The models had passed from grandmother and mother to Margie and her sisters and their children. Margie is an aunt for three young female doctors. These doctors closely observed Margie's healing and helped her.

Margie's challenge was to awaken her emotional body. After harsh childhood experiences Margie had locked up her emotions. The key to open them was the courage to feel. Hidden hatred is often in the background of cancer and so it was for Margie. Facing the own feelings of fear and releasing them was of utmost importance for her healing.

While facing the hatred she got touch with the experiences of her former lives. After the very painful mammography Margie amazed herself by saying: "I am sure that I was tortured at some time." This opened her emotional remembrance to tortures that had happened in former lives when the Catholic Church had tortured people they held as heretics. Torturing is known to arouse hatred.

Peace, Love and Compassion

Margie's spiritual journey to harmonise of her body and energy has progressed deep into knowing of the divine feminine energy. Margie's home in the Rahola area of Tampere is full of wonderful peace. When you enter her red house you feel like you're entering a church or temple because in this place someone has prayed and meditated a lot.

When you have gained peace within you can give it to others. Margie is a member of a community whose mission is to reveal peace and anchor the Divine Feminine energy on the globe. A year ago she was ordained a Peace Minister of the Beloved Community, an ecumenical organization where teachings of all great religions are taught and lived to support peace. After two intensive years in the Spiritual Peacemaking Seminary of James Twyman Margie earned the degree of Master of Divinity.

Margie does daily energy work giving Sacred Office ceremonies at her home altar. She feels that with her spiritual heart she is in continuous connection with the feminine energy. Quite simply, she converses with this energy and is her instrument. The Beloved Community continues the work of the esoteric community established by Mary Magdalene and St. John, the evangelist. The community stresses the connection of the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies. The Divine Force is independent of all religions and is a personal experience for everyone.

Margie also does peace work by presenting courses on self-knowledge and by talking about the true history and meaning of Mary Magdalene. Margie feels very close to Mary Magdalene, the heretical Madonna. In fact, one year ago Margie (former Kivela) took back her maiden name Myllari. She likes to think that her initials MM tell about her connection with Mary Magdalene.

On the Day of United Nations, October 24th, in Tampere, after the peace walk and the music presentations and speeches, Margie presented the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi on the Main Square. The presentation of this prayer and other peace prayers of great religions are part of the energy work of Peace Ministers around the world. Their prayers form a network of peace prayers and help in this way to reveal peace on our planet.

Beloved, make me an instrument of your peace,
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.
O Divine Master, grant that
I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved, as to love;
for it is in giving that we receive,
it is in pardoning that we
are pardoned, and it is in dying
that we are born to eternal life.

Margie has written in Finnish the following books:
- The woman that refused to let medical doctors cut off her breast
- The trilogy Keinuvuopaja (the love letters between Margie and her late husband Jussi Kivela in the 1970's)
- The column books: Auringonkukkia and Auringonkukkia 2 ( Sunflowers and Sunflowers 2)

Sivut perustettu 9.9.1999