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In the spring 2009 Maria Magdalena gave me a task to start the “Maria Magdalena Sisters”. In its Formation Meditation at Pentecost in Rovaniemi there were three ladies present: Marianne from Oulu and my sister Riitta with me. We gathered at my home. Also many other Sisters and Friends in different countries joined this meditation, as well the SanctaDivina Community.

Margie and MarjaanaRiitta and Margie


Maria Magdalena Sisters is a free network, whose members are free, independent and act locally/globally in the way that each one resonates. They help each other in all possible ways as a Sister helps a Sister. No organization with leaders is necessary. The main thing is to realize that you get Energy healing by thinking of Maria Magdalena. You can also send requests for prayers to me and other Sisters.

Manifesting of the Visions of Mother Maria Magdalena

    at Pentecost, May 31, 2009 

Time: at 5 pm Finnish time/ at 10 am US Eastern time/at 9 am US Central time/ at 7 am US Pacific time

Greetings Beloveds,

I hope that you will take part in this meditation at Pentecost, May 31. Maria Magdalena has set me a task to help Her realize Her Visions. Here they are:

To create Maria Magdalena Center in Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland.

- Maria Magdalena Tempel I AM
- SanctaDivina Center I AM
- Glass Peace Chapel SanctaDivina I AM
in the Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi is my hometown where I returned two years ago after many years *out in the wide world*. For these two years I have been visualizing the visions that Maria Magdalena gave to me. I am Her instrument and communicate with Her regularly.

In the Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle (10 kilometers from the city center) there is a site for a chapel - it has been for many years, but the Lutheran Church is not interested in serving foreign travelers of different religions there. The demand for this is, however, big because there are tens of thousands of travelers visiting Santa Claus around the year and especially at Christmas time. I have been writing articles and have spoken about this all these years. Santa Claus needs a chapel that is available for all religions and shows tolerance and spiritual peace making. Serving Peace Prayers in the Peace Chapel there is my dream!

Maria Magdalena Temple - for that there is a beautiful red, wooden house by the River Kemijoki (two kilometers from the city center); that is actually my old house that I sold when leaving to travel around the world and then afterwards moved to Tampere.

There is a big white house by my old house, also situated by the River Kemijoki. This land is our family's old land.

These buildings are owned now by other people. It is my dream to repurchase my old home and create there Maria Magdalena Tempel.


The Divine wisdom knows what is suitable for any purpose and for everyone's highest good and happiness.


I am a member of SanctaDivina and the Beloved Community; I was ordained as a Spiritual Peace Minister by James Twyman in Assisi, Italy in September 2005. My Coach in the Beloved Community ministry, Beloved  Sophia, established SanctaDivina - where you can study more closely the Divine Feminine and Her Energy.

Maria Magdalena Sisters is a free network, whose members are free, independent and act locally/globally in the way that each one resonates. They help each other in all the possible ways a Sister helps a Sister. No organization with leaders or president is needed.

Everyone can participate in this global formation meditation at home with sisters/friends. Later on we will be in touch in the way that our Beloved Divine Mother Maria Magdalena guides us. Thanks to Her for this wonderful Blessing




With Blessings, Love and Gratitude

kukka   kukka   


On Friday, the 13th of November, on the day of White Planetary Wizard KIN 114 (my own being White Solar Wizard KIN 74) according to the Maya Calendar, I was meditating when Mother Maria Magdalena gave me this gentle instruction:

Have a new domain “” for your website and your e-mail.

Right away I sent an e-mail to Marko, the administrator of my website, to take action to work for this.

Everything went on quite easily. The domain was available and we reserved it. Then I just started working on my texts. Proofreading my old texts and articles and creating new material. I created a new page "Maria Magdalena" on my website. I had wonderful persons to help me. First Anu and then Miikka Sakari. My warm thanks to both of these young persons!

The work was finished and I launched my renewed website with the new domain “” on Friday the 18th of December 2009.

So Mother Maria Magdalena once again guided me to a new stage in my life. My heart sings with great gratitude and joy for this Blessing.


The Joyous Spirit Emissary Wheel arrived home at Rovaniemi on the 30th of December 2009. Jane Shaw Stein, our Beloved Maria Magdalena Sister, had dedicated her time, energy and love for over one year to make this beautiful Quilt, especially designed for Margie. The Joyous Spirit Emissary Wheel now radiates its Joy, Light and Peace in the north in Margie's home Sanctuary, and also during the different Ceremonies that Margie performs.

I AM The Illumined Mind
I AM The Awakened Heart
I AM he Realized Soul



Created with Blessings of Love, Gratitude and Peace
For Reverend Maila Maire Marketta Myllari
Beloved Margie

Manifested in Prayers and Blessings by
Jane Shaw Stein
Sunrise Meditation Art

Lady Peace Minister radiates Feminine Energy


I have joined the NEXT TOP SPIRITUAL AUTHOR Competition arranged by James Twyman and Robert Evans.

The competition consists of four rounds to narrow down hundreds of authors to the four finalists and 1 winner. Round 1 – All Authors who join the competition starts March 29th – April 25th; the last round starts August 16th- October 3rd.

My book is about “MARIA MAGDALENA IN MY HEART”. The inspiration to join this competition came from Mother Maria Magdalena.

I will appreciate your love and support and will inform you of the different rounds.

The first thing to do is to organize and communicate my audio or video pitch. So far I do not know which one I will have. The deadline for the pitch is March 29th.



I send my heartfelt thanks to all my Voters in the Next Top Spiritual Author competition. Thanks for for your love and support! I have felt and feel your wonderful blissful energy within and around me.
In the first voting there were given over 80.000 votes from all over the world. In this amount of votes the vote you gave is as important as all the others!
When we send the energy of Love, we need not know where it goes. The Energy knows exactly where to go. We need not know about the results of our work (only if the person/persons want to do so); we act as instruments for something that we are devoted to.
When I joined this competition I did not know so much, why. I joined the competition and got excited along with it. Writing has become very dear to me and through it I act as an instrument for Mother Maria Magdalena who inspires and gives me Her Energy.
During these five weeks I have learnt a lot: about net voting, Facebook, Yuotube and other ways of communicating.
Even if I am not in the group of 250 authors now, my energy along with Maria Magdalena's energy are out in the wide world. This energy knows exactly where to go and whom to reach. The life is full of miracles; that I have already experienced. When waiting for Miracles they will manifest! When the time is ripe for manifesting.
1. Surrender
2. Trust
3. Be grateful
These three basic values affect my life and I forward them to you my Beloved ones.
From my window I see wonderful views. One of them you see here.
Blessings and love,
Maria Magdalena Sister

5. JAMES TWYMAN IN FINLAND September 11th - 13th 2010

He will have a concert on Sept. 11th and a lecture and a workshop on Sept. 12th in Jarvenpaa and a lecture in Helsinki on Sept. 13th.

It is great that James will visit Finland. In Rome during the Peace Walk in 2005 I invited him to Finland. Now Leena Sarkkinen read my article “The Emissary Wheel” in the Soul’s Mirror magazine and got an inspiration to invite James to Finland. James will be the *Star* Speaker in Leena's Spiritual Fair in Jarvenpaa.

Just great! I feel that THE TIME IS NOW to start things happening here in Finland. And also for me personally.

James and his two Finnish Lady Peace Ministers, Margie and Raija Maria Rintapaa. The photo was taken at the Fair in Jarvenpaa.

See articles in Soul's Mirror
Welcome to Finland James Twyman
Ten conditions of soul

6. Margie and Paavo Vayrynen in Autumn 2011

Margie's articles on Paavo Vayrynen

Spiritual Growth Instead of Economical Growth
Paavo, Eemeli's Son Vayrynen for President
Maria Magdalena's Politics
Spiritual Politics

Paavo's wife Vuokko gets the issue of the Soul's Mirror from Margie

Paavo Vayrynen and Margie

7. Venus dancing with the Sun on the 6th of June 2012

Maaritar invited Kristiina, Marja and Margie to the north, Utsjoki by the River Teno, to the crown chakra of Lady Finland, to celebrate the transit and dance of Venus with the Sun. These Maria Magdalena Sister formed a deep relationship with each other.

Soul's Mirror 4/2012

Kristiina, Margie and Maaritar

Marja and her painting

8. The Pilgrimage, ”Camino of Mary Magdalen” in southern France June 23rd – July 3rd 2013

James Twyman led this pilgrimage; there were altogether 30 people from different countries, mostly from the USA.

We arrived in Marseille. We started our pilgrimage in the little village of  Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, where it is told that Mary Magdalen landed together with her family and friends. We attended the Gypsy Festival on Sainte Sarah's Day, May 25th.

Then we went by bus into the Pyrenees to Salve Terra, where we walked to magnificent caves. We walked and climbed many old Cathar Castles, such as Queribus Castle, Peyrepertuse Castle; the highest was Montsegur, 1200 m.

We visited famous places, such as Rennes- les- Bains, where James baptized us in the beautiful Fontaine des Amours; the same place where Mary Magdalen had baptized people. We visited Rennes-Le-Chateau and admired the Mary Magdalen Church, the Tower, and the great view. We also saw the mountain Bugarach where Yeshua's family dwelled for many years. We visited La-Sainte-Baum, the magnificent Cave where Mary Magdalen spent her last years.

We experienced wonderful things and we were all the time in the loving energies of Beloved Mother Mary Magdalen and Beloved Yeshua.

Lisa Marie who edits my English translations, was also on this Camino, and I invited her to visit after this Camino Finland with me.

9. The trip to Utsjoki and the Memorial ceremony for Alina

After the Camino of Mary Magdalen I invited Lisa Marie to visit my home in Rovaniemi in northern Finland. After some days' sighseeing in Rovaniemi we drove up to the north, to Karigasniemi in Utsjoki (on the head of Lady Finland). We stayed in the Dreamers' Inn where we met many of Maaritar's friends. We had been invited to take part in a ceremony that would take place on the nearby mountain on Saturday, the 8th of June.

All the friends gathered together to have Peace Prayers and music. I had taken with me the Emissary Wheel quilt. Lisa Marie and I wore both the stoles when we had the Peace Prayers around the Emissary Wheel. We had music and Maaritar talked about her dear friend Alina whose memorial service we were having. Alina had died of some mysterious disease, after being for two months in a coma.

On Saturday we all drove to the nearby mountain on top of which we had a ceremony to let Alina's ashes fly to the bright sky. After the ceremony on the mountain we gathered by the fire by a beautiful lake where Hans, Alina's fiancé, had arranged us a great memorial meal.

Lisa Marie and I were very grateful that we had been invited to join this beautiful memorial service for Alina, our beloved Maria Magdalena Sister.

Maria Magdalena Sisters Maaritar and
Lisa Marie in Margie's home

Margie, Maaritar and Lisa Marie




Lisa Marie

Rebecca, Niilo's granddaughter yoiks for the
memory of Alina

10. New moon Peace Prayers

When I went to Karigasniemi in Utsjoki to enjoy the beautiful colourful autumn I stayed in the same Dreamers' Inn where I stayed last time. There I had with Maaritar the Peace Prayers around the Emissary Wheel quilt that I had brought with me. That was the 15th of September. We got an idea to start regularly these prayers and especially on the New Moon Day every month. Kristiina in Tampere also got inspired to join this circle. Anyone any place could join us in the evening at 7 pm (Finnish time). So there were already three Magdalenes starting this peacemaking. Everyone promised to send e-mails to friends to join this circle. I also promised to send these Peace Prayers to my friends. I would be home – if possible – around the Emissary Wheel quilt dressed in my Peace Minister's white dress with blue stole and present these prayers at the agreed time.

The first session was on Wednesday September 24th. Lisa Marie in the USA was also with us, and Kristiina had her meditation group with her.

Since then we have continued to have these New Moon Peace Prayer sessions every month at 7 pm.
We have sent regularly e-mails reminding our friends of these beautiful Peace Prayers.

The following sessions this year will be:
Sunday, October 30
Tuesday, November 29
Thursday, December 29

All our friends over the world are heartily welcome to join these Prayers at the same time at 7 pm (Finnish time) or at the same time of your own country.

11. Margie's new publishing house, est. Sept. 1, 2015

During the months of March-April this year I translated into Finnish the book “Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes” (2010) by Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett. When starting to search for a publisher I got an advice from the Light Forces to publish the book myself. So I established my own publishing house “Santa Claus SanctaDivina”.

This new ANNA book is a Sequel to “Anna, Grandmother of Jesus” (2002) by Claire Heartsong. It gives detailed information and reveals long-hidden secrets concerning Jesus’ intimate life, relationships and children.

The Finnish Translation “Anna, Magdalenejen Aani” came from the printing house here in Rovaniemi on November 25th, just in time for the Christmas Markets.

Today is the 9th of December, and Anna’s Name day. Congratulations on Grandmother Anna and all ladies that have the name ANNA!

12. Margie's new ANNA -book

In March 2016 I again got an inspiration to translate Claire Heartsong’s book. Now it was Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, in Finnish ’Anna, Jeesuksen Isoaiti’. I translated Claire Heartsong’s ANNA books in a reverse order what they had been published in the States. (Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, 2002 and Anna, and The Voice of the Magdalenes in 2010).

In the ANNA books I have got to know a new person, Anna, the Grandmother of Jesus, that I had not known before. She is THE LADY BEHIND EVERTYTHING. She gave birth and raised a big family (14 children) that became to support the Divine Mission of Jesus on Earth.

I know in my heart that this is the time when my own visions are coming true. I feel that I am one of the Magdalenes, and the reason why I am here is to work for the Divine Mother as Her instrument. I feel that I am greatly blessed when having this honor to work with Anna, our Beloved Grandmother.

13.Year 2016 New print for the Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes

Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes – the 2. print was published in August. I am very happy that the ANNA books are more and more popular!

14.Year 2017 Sickness and Healing Prayers

In the fall I was about to go to the breast operation. I had to wait for 5 weeks to get to the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and it changed my attitude to the surgery. I asked my friends on Facebook and in the e-mails for prayers to get healed. The prayers were very powerful and helped me a lot.

I decided to go to the Israel Tour. If I had gone to the surgery, I would not have had time to get healed. That is why I cancelled the surgery.

15.Israel Tour

I took part in the Israel Tour, during October 25 – November 7, arranged by Catherine Ann Clemett, the co-author of the book Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes. There came a little group of 8 persons of Magdalene Sisters that took part in this trip: from Japan there were Maiko and Lina; from the USA Catherine Ann, Karen and Jean, and Gila Cadry, the other guide with the Jewish roots. Gila is a sound healer and she knows also the Hebrew language. From Finland there were Sirkka and I participating also.

The trip was activating of the Magdalene Grid, and it was a very powerful experience for all of us. Sirkka wrote an article about our trip, that was published in the issue of the Ultra magazine 3/2018. Enclosed is the link for this.

At the mouth of the cave of Prophet Elijah

Sirkka Laakko story on Ultra 3/2018


The year 2017 was Finland’s 100 years’ Anniversary, and there were celebrations during the whole year. On December 6th there was the biggest celebration, arranged by our president Sauli Niinistö with his wife, Jenni Haukio.

On the previous day, the 5th of December, there was the clebrating of Sitra’s 50 years’ Anniversary.

I got the invitation for Sitra’s 50th celebration for I have worked for Sitra when it started its function. Klaus Waris, the ’Big Boss’ of Finland’s Central Bank, who was one of the founders of the new fund of Finland’s 50 years’ Anniversary, went to work as a Chancellor at the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration. He looked for employees for the new fund. I had started my studying for the Master’s Degree at the Schoo, and a half-day work was ideal for me. So I applied for the job to start working at the fund half-day besides my studying at the school. My boss, Klaus Waris, was most kind, humble and great employer that I have ever had in my life. He also had a great sense of humor. In one word he was a Big Soul. At the banquet of Sitra’s 50th Anniversary Margie gave the books: Anna, Grandmother of Jesus and Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes, as a present to the library of Sitra

My evening dress for Sitra’s 50 years’ Birthday Party on the 5th of Dec. 2017 in Helsinki. The design is of the world-famous painter, Reidar Särestöniemi who was from Lapland. I am a native Lappish person, too! Reidar was known for his colourful paintings, and also for his very colourful character.

Esko Aho, former Prime Minister/ Sitra’s Director

Margie with her dear cousin/ escort Matti Hakavuori

18.Year 2018 New print for Anna, Grandmother of Jesus.

In January 2018 it was time to get a new print of the Anna, Grandmother of Jesus. So both of the Anna books were again available for sale. The Ultra magazine ordered right away many books. Ultra sells also on net and they attend many fairs.

At the MINÄ OLEN (I AM) Spiritual Fair in Helsinki Ultra sold very well ANNA books. That was great and a Big Joy!

19. In December 2019 it was time to make E-BOOKS of the Finnish Anna books: Anna, Jeesuksen Isoaiti and Anna, Magdalenejen Aani. On the 2nd of December the files of the e-books were available. I will sell these e-books in the same way as the paper books, by Facebook and e-mails.

Our Mother/Father/Creator has guided me all the time and will bless also these e-books. The ANNA books are very important books!

20. The years 2020 and 2021 were corona years, and my work was also very silent and full of meditating. The silence in my life usually leads to something new and great.

In October 2021 everything changed suddenly. Sirkku Visuri, my Magdalene Sister, who had also been with Catherine Ann’s group in Israel four yeas earlier, asked me to make a reprint of paperbacks of the Anna books. She had many friends who wanted to have the paperbacks instead of e-books.

So it happened, and I asked the Pohjolan Palvelut to have a reprint of 75 pieces of the Anna books. Sirkku sold them quickly and got also the money of the books. It was like a miracle going on. Ilkka Haarahiltunen, the sales manager, who lives himself also in Oulu, took the books direct to Sirkku in Oulu.

When the time is Divine, everything goes easily!

Then I got an idea to make my many articles into an E-book. On my website there are really many, many articles, most of them telling about the Anna books. Quite a job actually to make an e-book! My website has been established on the 9.9.1999. What a date it is! I remember that it just happened to be so.

No I am again excited about my job. The ANNA books that I have translated into Finnish, are my most important work so far in my life. But who knows what will happen in your life.... just be open and trust that God knows. So it is.

21. New E-Column book from Margie:
Sunflower 5
Most of the English articles you will find on Margie's website / English





Henryk Skolimowski

Margie meditating

Link: Eco-philosophy/Eco yoga

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