- Beloved Mary. Hi, I am Margie and would like to interview you.

Yes of course, my dear daughter. What would you like to speak about?

- About why you are so much a common topic just now.

The time is ripe for certain things to become public. Everything always happens at the right time. You have heard this saying, haven't you.

- Yes, and I believe that it really is so. There are happening today so many quite unbelievable things, such as you earlier never could have dreamt about to happen; not at least during your own lifetime.

You don't, however, seem to wonder that there is now so much talk about me. You also have had discourses on me. I am happy that you are interested in me.

- Yes I am very much. I can say that you "hit" all at once my consciousness. That is not strange to me, however. So happenend to me also when I for the first time found a theosophical book, over 30 years ago. It happened, by the way, to be one book that I found on the bookshelf of my Aunt Lyyli. It was Will R. Garver's "The Brother of the Third Degree." Happened and happened. I know in my heart that so called coincidences have very much purpose. And the book, indeed, turned out to be an omen in my life. I have now been over 30 years Rosicrucian theosophist and freemason.

Have you had any other "hits" in your life?

- Yes, the second "hit" happened when the eyes of my future husband, Jussi, and my eyes met. Eternity opened up at one sight. We then got married, I was then 33 years old and Jussi 66 years old.

I understand. So it is when Divine Love combines two souls.

- Beloved Mary, or would you like me to call you Miriam. As your beloveds called you. And Jesus was then called Jeshua.

It suits me well. Mary as a word is beautiful and I like it, but perhaps Miriam sounds more intimate when we are now chatting .

- OK, Beloved Miriam. It happened so that when I found Dan Brown's novel "Da Vinci Code" I really was amazed. But I wasn't actually surprised, only happy. All the basic things were familiar to me of old.

This book is a bestseller around the world. It interest me, however, how you found this book.

- Well, Beloved Miriam. I have been studying since last September in the two-year Seminar of Spiritual Peacemaking. In the studying program there is much literature and there are also many books about you.

Would you tell more about this studying.

- It is run by the founder of the Beloved Community, James Twyman. James is an internationally renowned author and Peace Troubadour who has travelled during ten years performing "Peace Concert" in some of the areas of greatest violence and discord. He has sent e-mails around the world telling about his peace concerts and events. He has also sent many Internet courses. The texts are Jeshua's coming via James. The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking was a three-month course and about 25 000 people around the world completed it. After that there have been many courses, such as Dead Sea Lessons and the latest now the Reclaim your Indigo Power -course. And then there is this Seminar of Spiritual Peacemaking. I started last fall, on the second course. The third has started in April.

There is literature also about me included in this studying?

- Yes, as a matter of fact many of those books that have been published in the last few years. For me the most important is Margaret Starbird's "The Woman with the Alabaster Jar, Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail". In this book there are many medieval paintings, especially painted by Botticelli. He and many other painters have put in the paintings secret codes telling about you. Incredible but true. This book "hit" me totally.

What do you mean by that?

I knew right away in my heart that what I read and saw was true. At once, there was no hesitation or doubt. I have always known about you, Beloved Miriam. You are very close to me. I call you Mother Mary Magdalene.

What is it in this book that especially interests you?

- Everything.Your Sacred Marriage, of deepest spiritual, emotional and physical intimacy; Jeshua being masculine and you Miriam feminine of the perfect human being, and at the same time also the two aspects of the Divinity.

Do you think that this has been neglected during these two thousand years?

Completely. You were deserted and abandoned. Peter's masculine church never wanted to hear anything of you. They told only that which they were forced to tell, such as you Miriam were at the Foot of the Cross of Jeshua and were the first person at his grave on the Resurrection morning. These facts could not be forged because these facts were widely known. Everything else was but misrepresented and lied. The statatus of women in those days was bad and so it has been during all these years. Most of Jeshua's disciples, especially Peter, were envious and jelous of the intimate relationship between you and Jeshua.

You are right. I was also crucified. By defaming my memory and scorning and abandoning me. But as you see, everything has its purpose. Now is the right time these facts to become known in public. In these days no lie can remain concealed. Everything that is impure and untruthful will come into light.

- I am very happy for you. And also happy for all of us. I love you Mother Mary Magdalene. You are our Holy Mother. Thank you for your interview.

Writer wants leisurely work, June 7, 2006

The Penitent Magdalen by Georges de la Tour

Saint Mary Magdalen by della Francesca

Madonna of the Book by Botticelli

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