My name is Maila Maire Marketta Myllari and my friends call me Margie. I got this name when I was a commercial student practicing as an AIESEC trainee in New York. I like the energy of this name, especially when it’s pronounced in English.

My roots are in the old agricultural culture of northern Finland and my home is located on a bank of the river Kemijoki in Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland. My home is an old farmhouse that was miraculously preserved from destruction during the Second World War when Lapland was almost totally destroyed. Both my father's and my mother's families cultivated the fields by Kemijoki for centuries. From them I inherited my respect for Life, for Mother Earth and for all living creatures. I greatly appreciate the countryside and pure nature and I do everything I can to preserve them.

I was born during the war as the 7th of 10 children. When I was a little girl I was evacuated to Sweden, along with the rest of my family, for seven months.  From the age of five I was raised by two elderly paternal aunts who showered me with much affection and love while I was growing up, unlike my younger sisters who received no motherly love and affection after our mother's death.

My values are based on Jesus' ethics as taught in the Sermon on the Mount. I consciously strive to learn and adapt these teachings in my daily life:

  1. Be not angry, not even in your heart; be peaceful.
  2. Be pure even in your thoughts.
  3. Swear not; let your speech be, yea, yea, nay, nay.
  4. Resist not evil; respond with good.
  5. War not, but love all people.

I studied at the School of Economics and Business Administration In Helsinki. I earned a Bachelor's Degree with a major in Foreign Business Languages.  After that I worked for some years as the foreign correspondent and secretary to the executives of companies such as IBM, Kajaani Pulp Mill, Commercial TV, and The Fund SITRA. After that I continued my studies and earned a Master's Degree. I also attended classes as a student teacher for teaching at the Commercial Colleges and other Adult Institutes. After several years of teaching in different types of schools I returned to my to my home city of Rovaniemi and started teaching there at the Commercial College.

At the age of 33 I married Jussi Kivela who lived in Kerava, a small city near Helsinki. He was a retired school teacher and 33 years older than me. We met at Ruusu-Risti, which is the Finnish Independent Rosicrucian Society, established by Pekka Ervast in 1920. While attending Jussi's study group I got in touch with the beauty and wisdom of our great epic, Kalevala, for the first time. There followed ten happy years until Jussi's death and the years filled with intensive study of Jesus' teachings, the esoteric side of Kalevala, other philosophies, and great religions provided the firm foundation on which my life has been based ever since.

In 1988, during  the spiritual forest seminar in Lieksa in eastern Finland I met the great philosopher and author Henryk Skolimowski, and I learned about his Eco-philosophy. Afterwards a gradual shift from the old methods of working to new ones occurred.

I tookone year off from school work and travelled around the world as a backpacker from 1990-1991. My experiences during these travels were the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I learned many new things, including, among other things, scuba diving on the Fiji Islands, where I attended scuba diving school and earned my PADI licence.

When I returned home from my travels I just couldn't go back to my old job so I left that job and moved to Tampere. While there I discovered the Suggestopedian method of learning and teaching, which was developed by the Bulgarian Doctor Georgi Lozanov, and this method caused a 360 degree revolution in my brain. I found the best way for me to learn and teach and I began to earn my living by running courses.

For several years I ran Suggestopedian courses on teaching the English language.  One day I found James Redfield's novel The Celestine Prophecy and his other books. When I read them, three pieces of my life (the Suggestopedian method of teaching, Redfield's control dramas, and my own life) came together and became basic resources  that I can use with all the abilities that the Creator has given me to help my fellow people.

During the years 2003-2006 I studied Jeshua’s lessons coming from James Twyman. Since then these Spiritual Peacemaking lessons have been most important to me. I was awarded Master’s Degree of Divinity (M.Div.) and was ordained Minister of Peace by James Twyman in the Beloved Community on Sept.11th, 2005, in Assisi, Italy.

In 2007-2008 I studied the Feminine Divinity in the SanctaDivina Community. Nitya/Sophia, my Beloved Coach in the Seminary of the Beloved Community’s Spiritual Peacemaking, and the co-foundress of SanctaDivina, is one of my great Spiritual Guides and my Beloved Magdalene Sister.

In the spring 2009 Maria Magdalena gave me a task to start the Maria Magdalena Sisters. This group is a free network, whose members are free, independent and act locally/globally in the way that each one resonates. No organization with leaders is necessary. The main thing is to realize that you get Energy healing by thinking of Maria Magdalena. She also gave me Great Visions that would later realize.

In November during a meditation, she also gave me an inspiration to have a domain of my own: mariamagdalena.fi. I had former visited in Stockholm a beautiful church ”Maria Magdalena” and found out that their website address was mariamagdalena.se. This greatly added my wish to have a domain of the same kind in Finland.

In September of 2010 James Twyman visited Finland for the first time. He attended some spiritual fair in the city of Jarvenpaa having a concert, lectures and workshops there, as well as workshops in Helsinki. I was happy to meet James in Finland.

In 2013 in the end of May I participated in the Camino of Maria Magdalena in southern France with James Twyman’s group. My dear SanctaDivina Sister, Lisa Marie Teubel from the USA, was also on the same pilgrimage. After the pilgrimage Lisa Marie visited Rovaniemi, my home town. Together we then drove up to the north to meet Maaritar Rantamaa in Karigasniemi by the river of Utsjoki.

The pilgrimage on the footsteps of Maria Magdalena and other Magdalenes, impressed me deeply. In the bookshop of the famous Rennes-Le-Chateau I also found the ANNA books by Claire Heartsong that Lisa Marie greatly recommended to me.

On a beautiful, colourful autumn trip in 2014 to Utsjoki, when staying in the ”Dreamers’ Inn” together with my Magdalene Sisters, Maaritar and Kristiina Alatalo, we got an excellent idea to start having ’Newmoon Peace Sessions’. So it happened, and on the 24th of September we had the first one. Since then I started sending e-mails inviting people join us, and now this has expanded outside Finland, too.

In March of 2015 I got an ispiration to start translating Claire Heartsong’s book, Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes into Finnish. I got the translation finished by my birthday celebration in May, the same year. The book was then published in autumn and was ready for the Christmas sale.

I was led to revive my old firm, and so my new printing house Santa Claus SanctaDivina was established on the first of September 2015. The first published book in Finnish was ’Anna, Magdalenejen Aani’.

In March 2016 I again got an inspiration to translate Claire Heartsong’s book. Now it was Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, in Finnish ’Anna, Jeesuksen Isoaiti’. I translated Claire Heartsong’s ANNA books in a reverse order what they had been published in the States. (Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, 2002 and Anna, and The Voice of the Magdalenes in 2010).

In the ANNA books I got to know a new person, Anna, the Grandmother of Jesus, that I had not known before. She is THE LADY BEHIND EVERTYTHING. She gave birth and raised a big family (14 children) that became to support the Divine Mission of Jesus on Earth.

I know in my heart that this is the time when my own visions are coming true. I feel that I am one of the Magdalenes, and the reason why I am here is to work for the Divine Mother as Her instrument. I feel that I am greatly blessed when having this honor to work with Anna, our Beloved Grandmother.

Maria Magdalena and Jeshua have long been in my heart. Now also Grandmother Anna and the other Magdalenes make my heart sing with joy and gratitude.

One of my talents is the ability to adapt new ideas and keep on growing. I’ve been studying all my life and I plan to continue learning throughout all of my life. Now writing has become more and more important to me.

I easily communicate with other people and I can "take my audience". One of my greatest talents is to speak freely (in general without papers) and so intuitively take into consideration my seminarians and audience. I have a cheerful, open disposition, and, hopefully, it’s also bright.

Studying and the continuous processing of myself are the basics of my work where I aim at awakening and assisting my fellow people so that they can start studying and processing their own lives. I do my work with love and with a full heart.

Sivut perustettu 9.9.1999