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Reader's Book review of the ANNA books
SL, Sep 30, 2017

Reader's Book review - Anna The Voice of the Magdalenes
EJ, Apr 4, 2017

Reader’s Book Review of the ANNA books
Lotta R, Feb. 17, 2017

Reader’s Book Review – Anna, Magdalenejen Aani / Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes
Sirkka L, Jan. 29, 2017

Reader’s book review of the ANNA books:
Sirkku I-T, Jan.12, 2017

Book review of Anna, Magdalenejen Aani
Ultra-magazine 4/2016

Reader’s Book Review of the ANNA books

Marketta Myllari
Master of Science (Econ.) /
Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration
Master of Divinity /The Beloved Community /
Peace Minister
Author/ Translator/ Publisher
Commercial Teacher /Teacher of the English language

Point 1.

+ Marketta Myllari / Margie has translated and published these books: Claire Heartsong: Anna, Grandmother of Jeesus
Claire Heartsong with Catherine Ann Clemett: Anna, The Voice of Magdalenes

+ The books can be read and experienced very powerfully. When you understand what means to resonate to something creative and energetic (music, pictures, words/text) in these books there is that great warmth that also a lot of feedback tells about. Readers feel that the books are IMPORTANT in particular under this present world situation.

Point 2.

+ The Anna -books have been mentioned for ex. in five issues of the magazine Sielunpeili (Soul’s Mirror) in the year 2017. There have been many pages with beautiful layout and pictures in the magazine.

+ Margie has written a column with the title of ”Maria Magdalena in my Heart” for a long time earlier in Sielunpeili (the columns are also on the net). This has continued now after some years’ break while she did an enormous work in translating these two Anna books into Finnish, and really very fast.

+ Margie has also written shorter columns for many newspaperes, for instance the local newspaper, Lapin Kansa has published on the 7th of August 2017 an article with the topic ”Our perverse world”. The background for this was a rough article in Lapin Kansa about a young woman who boldly made extra earnigs by prostitution. Margie has also recently written on her Fb an English issue about Holy Sexuality.

Point 3.

+ Margie has alone done a massive work, at the expense of her health and almost with her extreme strength. She is now searching for a distribution channel for the books, as she cannot do all the things by herself; it is too much for anyone.

+ The distribution of the original English books in USA has now been given to the big publisher, the Hay House, to whom Catherine Ann Clemett and Claire Heartsong have sold their rights of the Anna -books. Margie will have her copyrights unchanged.

+ The co- writer of the the second book, Anna The Voice of the Magdalenes, Catherine Ann Clemett, has been willing to come to Finland. We have been considering to invite her to Lapland to tell about the books and make the activations of the Magdalene -grids. She has been travelling, for example, in southern Europe and Britain, as well as on the east coast of the USA. Recently she has got on a tour on the west coast of the USA for the autumn ( Catherine Ann has also worked on a tour to Israel in Oct/Nov. 2017, to the ancient historic scenery of the Holy Land.

+ Margie´s health has been tested as her breast cancer has showed up some remarks again after five years. She has been open about this because she considers that the prayers are important for her. We are confident – the role of the Magdalenes can also be like that. (The balance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine will bring harmony to everything.) The writers of the Anna -books, Claire and Catherine Ann Clemett, have sent their encouraging love and blessings to Margie.

+ In northern Finland we have a growing group of Anna -fans. We want to give this good message to all people, and of course, we want to support Margie at her enormous work.

Point 5.

+ The Anna -books are usually read for several times, and then you inevitably find similarity to other books that you have read and experienced. Many matters are based on the facts that Anna has given in her books.

+ On Margie´s homepages there are a lof of books/texts she has written herself, and also articles that she has written about other books. Margie has been most of her life a Theosophist / Rosicrusian, as well as a Freemason, who has a long esoteric background. She has been ordained to a Peace Minister of The Beloved Community and she is still going through some initiations. She is not interested in fiction, only in fact, to which se has the inner direct connection.

+ Everyone has her /his own, often demanding and even miraculously guided path, and Margie´s has been very special. You can be jouful and happy that these books have become a part of your journey.

The issue of the books is at present world-widely noticed, as it is seen all the time with many esoteric, and also so called odd things happening. People everywhere get empowering help of these facts and new things – that can be seen almost every day. Everything will be reformed and transformed – medicine, organisation, regime, money world, energy, food, etc. All results from the fact that the Divine Mother has been swept under the ground. Now there is, however, hope, that the voice of our Divine Mother will be heard more and more, and the balance between the Divine Father and Mother will be reached.

With Love and Blessings
Sirkka Laakko

ANNA -books: Anna The Voice of the Magdalenes

As a woman I was greatly impressed by the work of the persons in the Divine missions showing also the importance and value of my own work at this time. The book guides as the guideposts of my own inner growth in my mission on the path of the Light.

This is shortly how I feel about this ANNA -book.
April 4, 2017

Reader’s Book Review of the ANNA books

I liked to read these books very much, and after the first one I immediately bought the other one. When I was reading the persons in the books became familiar and started to live. I realized that you can think and understand the stories in the Bible in a different way than you have been used to. Inevitably there rose the question: what is the truth? Whose truth is right? Who has right to decide whose truth is the right one.

For me the most interesting person in the books was, surprisingly, Joseph of Arimathea, whose name I had heard only in the burial of Jesus. Grandmother Anna was somehow modest, although she came out from the background as a strong and leading personality. Jeshua was at the same time present and absent. It was easy to love him and follow him. It was a big relief that the crucifixion and other torture were not so severe for him as the humankind has experienced it as the atonement of their sins.

The books were inspiring reading experiences! More books like these!

Lotta R
February 17, 2017

Reader’s Book Review – Anna, Magdalenejen Aani / Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes

Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett

Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes is the most unbelievable, impressive book that I have ever read. It is great for women, but is meant for all good people. The book combines love /the lineages of Light, such as the Essenes, Magdalenes, Catars, Druids and Shaumbras. The book tells about the phases of the expansion of the Roman Empire so vividly that you feel like living within the history. On the other hand it also reveals the world situation now, when those forces behind the shadows and fears loose their power in all social activities.

Sirkka L
Jan. 29, 2017

Reader’s book review of the ANNA books:
Anna, Grandmother of Jesus (in Finnish) and
Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes (in Finnish):

The ANNA books give a mystic and at the same time very truthful and lively description of the life of Jesus and his close family. A kind of enormous love and caring can be sensed in the books, and it ignites longing for more lively and intense facing with spiritual matters also in this time. It also happened to me when reading ”The Opening of the Mouth” given by Myriam of Tyana, in the book ”Anna The Voice of the Magdalenes” that it activated in me something that made me realise that I would be part of the Magdalene Order. If I have before experienced that Mother Maria and Jesus are close to me, so this strengthened my closeness to the ”Three Marys” and especially to Jesus.

Sirkku I-T

Book review of ANNA, Magdalenejen Aani

Kirsi Lohtaja

Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett:
Anna, Magdalenejen Aani, 398 pages
Translator: Marketta Myllari
Publisher: Santa Claus SanctaDivina     2015 Rovaniemi

After finishing the reading of this book, there are various reflections in my mind. I let them come to the surface in the order that they wanted to appear.

The book is thick, relatively heavy, full of text that is dense and demanding, taking a lot of concentration.  Because of its thickness, it is a little bit difficult to turn pages. Therefore I was thinking that would it have been wise to have divided the book into two books. There was so much material.

After studying first the Table of the Contents, I decided to start from the end, from the Appendix. Studying the Timeline and the many Charts of the Descendents helped me to see who were the numerous persons speaking on the pages of the book, and what their relationships were with each other.

Marketta Myllari, the translator, tells in the beginning of the book that the text was originally received as spoken, and that’s why the sentences can be rather long and complicated. She has aimed at being faithful to the text, and has also striven to hold the style and the original layout of the book.

The length of the sentences and their construction did not disturb me. I often was wondering when the  construction of the sentence, the order or the case of the words, was more according to the original language than the Finnish one.

But let’s now go to the main thing.... The book is a sequel to the book “Anna, Grandmother of Jesus” that is not familiar to me. Anna – the grandmother of Mother Maria, Jesus and Maria Magdalena – gave birth and raised many generations. Her descendants are all over the world. Anna’s aim was to create a direct lineage of spiritual people to support the work that Jesus came to fulfill. The effects of the Magdalene Order, the men and women of Isis, the Great Mother, the high initiates, reach far to this day. They now share a part of what has been hidden and let the rest rest as seeds on the ground of the consciousness, until there is readiness for more. The awakening of the consciousness (and the returning of the unity consciousness) is the work of the Magdalenes, and has been on Earth throughout the ages. The names can be different, but the source of the spiritual lineages are the same. The Magdalenes have a long oral tradition. The flourishing, happiness, harmony and balance of all beings are the aims.

For me, one of the most important things of this book is that it adds to the facts of the Bible and history. Over the years I have gotten familiar with the most important books of several religions, just for my interest and desire to find out if their views differ much from one another, or if they supplement themselves. I found pieces in the works of differtent religions that together helped to create a more whole puzzle. I would say that the wholeness is the sum of its parts. Indeed, the Church has for a long time brutally distorted (and hidden from people) sacred writings, for its own interests.

This Anna –book gives many details and clarifications, especially for the time before and after Jesus’ resurrection. The book is full of detailed descriptions of the cultures and events of this historical era, and I myself surely believe that the knowledge of the text of this book is genuine.

The Light Conceptions, the polygamous way of living, descriptions of the tantric yoga, Jeshua’s or Jesus’ three wives and many children – sure will arouse strong feelings in the reader. Others will question the truthfullness of the descriptions and the necessity of telling the details of the relationships. Others will see only the purity, light and great love in the background of this telling.  I am not sure if I was ready to read everything in so much detail either. However, I have always felt that there was something missing from the truth in the contents of sacred books. I would say that the image of Jesus, that the Church has given us, will experience a great change with this book.

There are, in the book, some brutally violent descriptions of the acts of the tyrants that supplement the events of the history (such as being thrown into dungeons, gruesome killings, burnings alive, etc.).  Although they are essential life experiences of the storytellers of the book, they caused me anguish with their brutality so much so that I jumped over them. It must have been hard to be forced to experience those cruel things. Anna’s family was also occasionally forced to live under fear and seek refuge for themselves. Finally the family had to disperse. The seeds of the Light – Anna’s, Mother Maria’s and Jesus’ illumined descendents then spread throughout the world.

Anna’s family has been unbelievably warmhearted, close, and empowered. They have mastered  the esoteric practises of the tantric alchemy, or the channeling of life force energy, to attain spiritual enlightenement. Practicing “the Sepulchre Rites” has in its part helped them to keep youthful and vital despite their high ages. Many of the members of Anna’s family also had other magical abilities of the initiates, such teleportation, bilocation and conscious death. In the book there is also a lot of timeless, spiritual wisdom,.

With this book, Jesus tells us that in our blood there are hidden light codes that when awaken can lead to our way Home.

With Anna’s words, the potential transformative and empowering energies will shake the cell and soul memories of every reader of this book. The opressed memories will emerge and get their voices heard aloud. Many will remember who they are, and why they are here, especially at this time.

Claire reminds us to test and question in our minds and hearts the knowledge that we read. She believes that the knowledge that is given will act as a living catalyst for awakening, and personal intrinsic potential, of every reader of this book.

Catherine Ann’s messsage is that many of us that now read this book, even we are not aware of it, are also part of the Magdalene Order, The Sister Brotherhood.  That is now re-maturing and awakening.We are those future generations. We are those seeds.

Sivut perustettu 9.9.1999
Sivut perustettu 9.9.1999