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Pekka Ervast: Esoteerisia opetuksia (Esoteric Teachings pp.153-154)
published in Finnish as a book in 2005 by Ruusu-Risti (the Rosicrucian Society in Finland)

Pekka Ervast
(1875 – 1934), a mystic, writer and the founder of the Finnish Rosicrucian Society (est. 1920) wrote as early as in the 1920´s about the coming Era of Women.

THE ERA OF WOMEN /a text by Pekka Ervast, translated by Margie

Let’s take one old, well-known example. Men are fighters by nature.  Women are conciliators by nature. Men arranged societies on the basis of violence and force and have been at war with each other ever since.  And women, in their admiration for men, gave up their feminine demands and, instead, supported and blessed men who strove for violence. So women often inspired men to violent deeds, since men didn’t usually go to war unless women urged them to do so.

Now we are living in a time when more people, both men and women, see this clearly and are beginning to realize that there is a the feminine conciliator in each human being: the conciliator that has, until now, been so disregarded.  This conciliator in each person will soon step into sight, but only when all wise people say we are moving into the era of the feminine when the voices of women will be heard more often, not only propping masculinity but awakening all humanity.  As more women seriously strive to develop their spiritual lives, peace will follow.  And women can teach the younger generations how to avoid fighting and the martial spirit in order to understand higher ideals, such as human love, peacefulness, balance, and reasonableness.

When women understand their position and begin to develop their spiritual lives, they can perform miracles in the world.  At this point in time many women are too feminine and simply follow their men. Women must start going their own way and living their own lives. They must star, one step at a time, to wield the scepter of life in a new humane way and to discover the great goal and ideal of life.  Women must work for these goals and ideals so that all humankind can evolve, for we are now standing on the threshold before the portal above which these words are written: 'The Era of Women'.

Since the men who already understand this are in an uncomfortable and unnatural position until more men come to understand, it is most important that women realize that many men actually resent women. When women understand this more deeply and begin to change the world’s opinion of them, men who bring from their past a great spirit, can begin to understand that the great goal and ideal of life is not to fight physical wars but to use this warrior spirit to fight evil, selfishness, materialism, and meanness in the world; in other words, to transform fighting for physical victories into working for moral victories.

Pekka Ervast,
your brother and servant



Margie at the statue of Maria Magdalena in La Verna, outside Assisi, Italy

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